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A creative platform that celebrates the many sides of Coney Island. Beyond a summer escape, it has a soul that reveals its true colors when no one is looking. We’re here to highlight the people, places, ideas and traditions that create Coney’s rich cultural tapestry and eclectic spirit.

“Coney Island was — and is —both a part of New York as well as an escape from it, a liminal space where the city meets the sea. If it means anything, Coney Island is a place like nowhere else, and, in its most wild fantasies, not of this Earth at all.”

- The Life and Death and Life of Coney Island, Ezra Glinter



Souls dance undressed together

and like loiterers

on the fringes of a fair

we ogle the unobtainable

imagined mystery
Yet away around on the far side
like a stage door of a circus tent 

is a wide vent in the

battlements where

even elephants

waltz thru

- A Coney Island of the Mind,

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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